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My Short Review of "A Good Year"

My friend and I were lucky and got into a screening for A Good Year at the last minute last Monday.  I really enjoyed this movie, but don’t expect anything more than a total piece of froo-froo, fluff and love letter to Provence.  That said, I doubt this movie will get any awards for Russ or Ridley, since it's the kind of movie that is totally insignificant (in a good way), has some serious clichés, a few slow spots, and isn't up to Ridley or Russell's expected "standards”, but I found I had a smile on my face the entire movie.  Now how often does that happen nowadays??? 


Also, as a Russell Crowe fan, It was nice to see him in a movie where he isn’t angsty, trying to overcome some insurmountable crisis, or where he dies at the end.  As you guys know, you have to go back to 1994’s “The Sum of Us” to find another light comedic performance by Russell, so this was a lovely reprieve for those of us who are his fans.  Oh yeah, and Russ looks HAWT during the whole movie too.


In the end, I have a feeling Rid and Russ just wanted to do something fun that they'd enjoy and didn't really care whether it was “important” or not and I’m confident that Russell and/or Ridley fans will enjoy this movie as much as they seemed to enjoy making it.

More nice AGY pics here:  http://www.movieweb.com/movies/film/50/3550/gal2484/index_hi.php


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