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Gaslight Hotel Update For the Holidays

Addendum - was just made aware that I did not put in the link - sorry about that!!

Good morning, good afternoon and good evening to everyone, and we are very delighted to bring you the post-Thanksgiving/pre-Christmas-Chanukah update to The Gaslight Hotel. Please consider this an early gift to you, as we have quite a number of stories again this time, so we’re certain you will find a story (or two…or three…or more) to kick back with on a chilly, late autumn evening while you relax with your beverage of choice. So let’s get started.

Many thanks again to those of you that made us aware of broken links, the misfortune of websites big and small. It is because of you that we often learn of these after we’ve put our publication to bed for another day, so please, please, please let us know when you find one, no matter when you do. That way we can correct it ASAP.

So in the spirit of the Season, we bring you something old and something new (not too sure about borrowed and blue). They are in all our categories, and this may want to make you ‘Fasten your seat belts…’ as Bette Davis suggested in All About Eve!

Let’s begin with the FIXED LINKS:

The Private Nurse (Colin/Single Character)
Skin and Bone (Hando/Single Character)
Lily’s Story (Cort/Single Character)
Back in Harness (Terry/Single Character)
The Price of Freedom (Terry/Single Character)
Justice Served (Bed Wade/Single Character)
X Proof (Multiple Character)



The Arms of God by Sharon, a historic story that is Cort-inspired.


Next, we have new chapters in our continuing CROWE’S POINT stories, as well as an introduction:

 ~~ Welcome to Marie and her story, The Meeting, in which Molly Simmons comes face to face with the Point's daredevil pilot, Lachlan Curry.


~~ From Beej:
           Jack Aubrey experiences Sophie’s Makeover
~~ From Bridgid:
How does one Nip It In The Bud, especially when that Bud is Bud White?
~~ From Layne:
            Bad Connection with Ben Wade (could there be any other kind?)
And join Richie Roberts in Responsibilities
~~ From Sharon:
Ashokan Falls once again follows Cort and newly arrived Chloe in…well…we’ll see….
~~ From Tina:
Love is a-Many Splendoured Thing: are Adalia, Jack Corbett and Kim in a potentially doomed triangle?



We have a new writer and some old friends:

~~ A Thorne Remaining: check for new add-on chapters from Jo.
~~ Chest of Money from Taffey features a new chapter.


~~ Stacey:
    Ben Wade in Testify
~~ Taffey:
    Herod Explains and Sally all feature Cort.
    And Jack Aubrey attends The Tea Party.


We here at the Gaslight are thrilled to announce that for the first time, we will begin to reprint many of the original Gaslight stories you fell in love with at the old site. Many of you have asked when we might see them again, and with this update, we are offering a few that we have been given permission to post. Countless thanks to the authors for giving us permission to do so, and we hope that these will inspire our readers to perhaps try their own hand at something they’ve considered; bring back old memories, or start brand new ones. We will store these as part of THE GASLIGHT CHRONICLES and in future updates we will always attempt to include more.


~~ Athena:
    Our favorite L.A. cop, Bud White, spends a Summer in England.
~~ Irene brings everyone’s favorite Alaskan sheriff, John Biebe to The 65th Parallel.
~~ Stephanie and Ilaria, two of Gaslight’s most prolific writers gave us some wonderful collaborations over the years. This time they bring you Maximus as he joins our intrepid duo in the Tunnel of Time.
~~ And Roberta gives us Maximus as the Wolf of Rome.

When the original universe was created back in 2000, it was known as The Crowe’s Nest and you will find the mention of some that remained at the current Crowe’s Point…and the names of others who have moved on. We are still attempting to organize a proper timeline, but these are among the earliest stories chronologically.

~~ John Biebe (as ghost-written by Tina):
Prelude: The Alaskan’s life at the Crowe’s Nest is about to undergo a transformation.
~~ Tina:
By Way of Introduction: the first chapters in the arrival of the crime scene technician from Louisville.
~~ Laura:
World in My Eyes: the first chapters about the arrival of Tina’s friend, Chicagoan Laura, and her unexpected adventures.


And finally, we have updated the Guidelines page to include new information about the Crowe’s Point Keepers.


That’s it ladies and gentlemen – a little of everything as we promised. We hope you enjoy all of them and remember that if you do, be sure to leave a message to the author on our messageboard. Our writers will definitely be happy to know how much they helped make your day.

Until next time….
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